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This online matrix solver is used to perform three main mathematical operations (i.e +, -, x) on the matrices up to the size of 5x5. It gives a detailed and comprehensive step-by-step solution as well.

What is a matrix?

A matrix, in mathematics, represents the property or quantity of an object. Its structure is rectangular and contains a table of symbols or expressions.

An example of a matrix is:


How to solve matrices?

The sum and difference of the two matrices are simple. The first entry of the first matrix is added or subtracted from the first entry of the second matrix.

Example - Matrix addition

Add matrices A, B, and C. 

matrix addition


Add A and B first. Then add matrix C in the resultant matrix.

add matrices

add two matrices

Example - Matrix subtraction

Let's subtract matrix B from matrix A.

matrix subtraction


Subtract each corresponding element of both matrices.

subtract two matrices

Example - Matrix multiplication

The process of multiplying two matrices requires different techniques. The first row of matrix A is multiplied by the first column of matrix B.

Multiply matrix A by matrix B, where;

solve matrix


matrix solutiom

matrix 2x2

solving two matrices

matrix calculator

Use the matrices calculator above to solve matrices.

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