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Million to lakh calculator is an online converter for changing a number from millions to lakhs. It can accept numbers containing 30 figures and larger as well. 

What is a million to lakh conversion?

The million and lakh conversion includes two things.

  1. Change of place value.
  2. Change of number system.

Lakh is a term used to represent a place value containing 6-digit numbers in the Indian numbering system. It accounts for a hundred thousand in the International numbering system.

Lakh comes after the 10 Hazar (10,000) and before 10 Lakh. Where a million is larger in value than the lakh. A million is a 7-digit number.  

When we convert a value between 1 to 10 lakh into millions, the answer will be in decimal form because a million is 0.1 lakhs.

How to convert from millions to lakh?

The conversion consists of multiplication and division

For million to lakh:

Since it is jumping to a bigger place value, you have to multiply. Multiply the number by 10 and that is it.

For lakh to million:

Reverse case. This time, you have to divide the number by 10. Another option is to multiply with 0.1. Both methods will give you the same answer.


Find the value of 67 million in lakh.


1 million = 1 /10 lakh 
67 million = 67/10 lakh
                = 6.7 lakh 

1 million = 0.1 lakh 
67 million = 67 x 0.1 lakh
                = 6.7 lakh 

Conversion tables:

Million to lakh

1 Million 10 Lakh
2 Million 20 Lakh
10 Million 100 Lakh
100 Million 1000 Lakh
1000 Million 10,000 Lakh
65 Million 650 Lakh
34/20 Million 17 Lakh
5000 Million 50,000 Lakh
10,000 Million 100,000 Lakh
100,000 Million 10,00,000 Lakh

Lakh to Million:

0.01 Lakh 0.001 Million
0.1 Lakh 0.01 Million
10 Lakh 1 Million
13 Lakh 1.3 Million
27 Lakh 2.7 Million
50 Lakh 5 Million
230 Lakh 23 Million
500 Lakh 50 Million
1000 Lakh 100 Million
10,000 Lakh 1000 Million


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