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Mole Calculator

Mole calculator finds the number of moles of an object when the mass and molecular weight are known. It also finds the object's mass and molecular weight by giving the formula's corresponding values.

What is a Mole?

The mass of a system whose elementary constituents total the number of atoms in 0.012 kilograms of carbon 12.  The symbol is ‘mol’ to represent the unit of the amount of substance.



To calculate the mole of a substance, we have a mathematical formula to get the appropriate answer.

mol = m/w


  • m is the mass of the substance.
  • w is the molecular weight of the substance.
  • mol represents the mole of the object.

How to find the unknown term of the mole formula?

Example 1:

You have 50 grams of carbon dioxide. What is the number of moles?


Step 1: Firstly, we have to find the molecular weight of the substance

The molar mass of the carbon = 12

The molar mass of the oxygen = 16

Total molecular weight = (1) (12) +(2) (16)

Total molecular weight = 44

Step 2: Now apply the formula

Mole = mass / molecular weight

mole = 50 / 44

mole= 1.13 mol

Example 2:

Find the mass of the substance when the number of moles is 1.5 mol and the molecular weight is 10 g/mol.


Step 1: Given data is

molecular weight = 10 g/mol

number of moles = 1.5 mol


Step 2: Use the formula to calculate the mass of the object.

Mole = mass / molecular weight

Mass = (mole) (molecular weight)

Mass = (1.5) (10)

Mass = 15 mol

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