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Percentage Increase Calculator

The percentage increase calculator is helpful when one needs to find the change of a value in terms of percentage. The calculator requires the new and old values for the computation. 

Note that the new value must be greater than the old value. If the new value is smaller than the original value then it is not a percentage increase but a decrease. For that purpose, use the percentage decrease calculator.

What is the percentage increase?

It is what the name suggests. An increase in value in terms of percentage.

A percentage is a ratio or fraction. When finding the percentage, the value is represented as some parts of 100. For example, 25 percent means 25 parts of the 100.


When we talk about percentage increase, the idea is to actually tell how many parts the value has increased if the original value comprises 100 parts. 


For instance, a 2 percent increase will suggest that the original value (that we have assumed is 100) has increased by two parts i.e 102.

Percentage increase formula:

In calculations, values are not always a multiple of ten but can be any weird number like 478. This is where the calculation of the percent increase becomes complicated.

To avoid long hours of manual calculation, you can simply use the given percentage increase formula.

percentage increase

How do you calculate the percentage increase?

You can easily find the percentage increase by using the mentioned formula. The other reliable option is to use the increase percentage calculator. 

The steps one has to follow to manually calculate the increase are:

  1. Find the difference between the new value and the original value.
  2. Divide the difference by the original value.
  3. Multiply it with 100

The result will show the increase in percentage form. To remove any ambiguity, read the example ahead.


A polka dot bed sheet was for 37 dollars last year. But due to the polka dots trend, its price has increased to 50 dollars. What is the percentage increase?


Step 1: Extract the data from the statement. 

Original value = 37 dollars

New value = 50 dollars

Step 2:  Put the values in the formula.

Percentage increase = [(new value - original value) / original value] x 100

Percentage increase = [ (50 - 37) / 37] x 100

                                  = [ 13 / 37 ] x 100

                                  = 0.35 x 100

                                  = 35%

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