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Numbers to Words Converter 

Convert numbers from the digit form to the words according to the Indian numbering system.

Numbers to words:

Numbers are used to represent values mathematically while words convert them to readible strings. For example, 789 is written in words as “seven hundred and eighty-nine”.

This calculator uses the Indian number system. To find their equivalent in the international numbering system, use calculators like lakh to million and crore to billion.

How to convert numbers to words?

It is important to know the names of the place values for converting numbers to words. The first ten place values are

One, Ten, Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand, Lakh, Ten Lakh, crore, and Ten crore.  

Following are the steps. 

  1. Write the place values.
  2. Start placing digits under the place values in descending order from one to ten to hundred and so on.
  3. After that, write the numbers in English words with the place values.

And” is placed before the last one or two place values, depending on the number. If there is zero under Ten and some digit under One, “and” is placed before the word form of One’s value.  


Write the following numbers in words.



Ten. T ThousandHundred Ten One 
  1. Twelve thousand and nine.

For the same type of place values like thousand and ten thousand, lakh and ten lakh, write as shown. There is 0 under hundred and ten so no need to write anything for these values.

  1. Three thousand. 
  2. Twenty-one thousand nine hundred and eleven. 
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