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Enter the 1st and 2nd binary numbers and choose a math operation in this binary operation calculator. After then click the calculate button to perform that operation.

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Binary Calculator

You can perform different math operations on binary numbers like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and many others using this binary calculator. 

Binary System - What are the binary numbers?

Humans have invented various number systems for different uses. One such system is the binary system. The digits used in a binary system are called binary numbers.

It is very similar to the number system we daily use aka the decimal system. But it has only 2 digits, unlike the decimal system which has 10 digits. The digits of the binary system are 1 and 0.  

The binary system has more use in computers and similar devices. The one’s complement and 2’s complement of the binary system have vast applications.

Math Operations on Binary Numbers:

Adding and subtracting binary numbers is very easy. It is done in the same way as in the decimal system. Below you can see the examples of addition and subtraction.

How to add binary numbers?

In this operation, the first digit is added to the first, the second into the second, and so on. There are two rules for adding binary numbers;

  1. One plus one makes a ten.
  2. One plus zero is one.

Note: Start adding from right to left. 


Add the binary 00100 and 11111.


  10 10  1  0  0

 + 1  1  1  1  1


1  0  0  0 1  1            

How to subtract binary numbers?

While subtracting binary numbers, when 1 is subtracted from 0, a 1 is taken from the previous number. The answer to this case will be 1 (0 - 1= 1 (borrow 1)).

To understand clearly, see this example:


Subtract 01000 from 01101.


  0  1  1 10  1

- 0  1  0  1  0


   0  0  0  1  1 

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