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Binary to octal converter is used to convert the base 2 numbers into a base 8 number system.

What is a binary number system?

A base 2 number system in which 0 and 1 numerals are used is known as a binary number system. For example, 10001 is a binary number system of a hexadecimal number 11.

What is the octal number system?

The octal number system is a base 8 number system in which there are 8 numerals are used. The numerals of the octal number are from 0 to 7. The octal number system is indicated by the addition of an 8 suffix.

How to convert binary to octal?

Following is a solved example of binary to octal conversion.


Convert 101011 into an octal number system.


Step 1: First convert the given number from binary to decimal.

(101011)2 = (1x25) + (0x24) + (1x23) + (0x22) + (1x21) + (1x20)

(110010)2 = (1x32) + (0x16) + (1x8) + (0x4) + (1x2) + (1x1)

(110010)2 = 32 + 0 + 8 + 0 + 2 + 1

(110010)2 = 43

Step 2: Convert decimal to the octal number system.
Hence, 53 is the octal number of (101011)2.

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