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Board Feet Calculator

Board feet calculator is used to calculate the volume of wood in a board. It allows you to calculate the estimated volume of the wood that you want to buy for your work. 

What is Board Foot?

The board foot is a unit for measuring the volume of wood lumber. It measures the volume of a piece of wood for one foot in length, one foot in width, and one inch in thickness. 

board feet

This unit is commonly used in the woodworking industry to determine the quantity and cost of wood needed for a particular project.

One Board foot is equivalent to 1/12 cubic foot which is equal to 144 cubic inches


One board foot = 1/12 cubic foot = 144 cubic inches

Board Feet Formula

The formula to evaluate the board feet of the wooden lumber is:

board feet = (length * width * thickness) / 12


  • Length should be expressed in feet.
  • Thickness would be expressed in inches.
  • Width will also be expressed in inches 

How to calculate board foot?

You can find the volume of wooden lumber by placing the values in the above board foot calculator. Here is an example to evaluate the board foot manually.


Calculate the board feet and cost for 6 hardwood pieces having the below dimensions.

Cost per piece = Rs 150, Length = 14 feet, width = 10 inches, and thickness = 15 inches


Step 1: Take the formula of board feet and substitute the given dimensions of wood into it.

board feet = (length * width * thickness) / 12

board feet = (14* 10 * 15) / 12

                 = 2100 / 12

                 = 175 BF

Step 2: Multiply the board feet by the total number of hardwood pieces.

number of hardwood pieces = 6

board feet = 175 BF 

Total board feet = number of hardwood pieces * board feet

                          = 6 * 175 BF

                          =  1050 BF

Step 3: Multiply the total board feet by the cost per hardwood piece.

Total cost = Total board feet * cost per hardwood piece

                = 1050 * 150

                =  157500

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