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Discount Price Calculator 

Discount calculator finds the discounted price and the saving by taking the original price and the discount percentage of any product. This percentage discount calculator provides the result in a fraction of seconds.

What is the discount?

The word discount refers to the reduction from the original price of any product. The reduced price for selling goods and products is said to be the discounted price. For example, if a brand wants to increase the sales of its goods and services, then it gives a discount on its products.

Formula of the discounted price

The formula for finding the discounted price from the original price and the discount percentage is given below.

D.P = O.P – (O.P X D/100)


  • D.P = discounted price
  • O.P = original price 
  • D = discount in percentage

While the formula to calculate the saving is:

Saving = original price – discounted price

How to calculate the discounted price?

To calculate the discounted price, the original price and the discount in percentage must be known. Follow the below example to understand how to calculate the discounted price.


If the original price of a product is 240$ and the discount is 35% then find the discounted price and saving?


Step 1: Write the given information.

Original price = O.P = 240$

Discount (%) = D = 35%

Discounted price = D.P =?

Step 2: Take the formula of the discounted price.

D.P = O.P – (O.P X D/100)

Step 3: Substitute the values of original price and discount in the above formula.

Discounted price = D.P = 120$ - (120$ x 35/100)
                                         = 120$ - (12$ x 35/10)
                                         = 120$ - (12$ x 7/2)
                                         = 120$ - (6$ x 7)
                                         = 120$ - (42$)
                                         = 78$

Step 4: Now calculate the saving.

Saving = original price – discounted price

            = 120$ – 78$

            = 42$ 

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