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Enter the value of x in e raised to power x (exponential function) calculator to find its value.

ex = (2.7182818)2

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This e power calculator helps to calculate the result of some value x raised to e aka Euler’s number as power.

What is e?

The letter “e” in mathematics is known as Euler’s number. It is an irrational number.  The value of e is 2.718281828459045 and so on. 

This number is used greatly in math and physics in different equations.

How to calculate e to the x?

To calculate e raised to the power x, you first need to round-off Euler’s number according to your choice. After that, use the same process as the one used in calculating exponents


Determine the value of e power 5?



x = 5

Step 1: Round-off the value of e.

In this example, let’s use 7 decimal places.


Step 2: Multiply this value by itself x number of times.

Here, we will multiply the value of e five times.

e5 = 2.7182818 × 2.7182818 × 2.7182818 × 2.7182818 × 2.7182818

e5 = 148.41

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