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Impulse with Velocity Calculator

Impulse with velocity calculator is a tool designed to compute the impulse experienced by an object when there's a change in its velocity. 

What is Impulse?

Impulse refers to the change in momentum experienced by an object over a specific time interval. It is the product of force and time and plays a crucial role in understanding motion and interactions between objects.

What is Velocity?  

Velocity is a fundamental concept in physics that describes the rate at which an object changes its position over time. It is a vector quantity.

Relation between Impulse and Velocity:

In mathematics, the relation between Impulse and Velocity is given by:

I = m * Δv


  • I = impulse.
  • m = mass
  • Δv = Change in velocity.

Impulse and Its Role in Motion:

Newton's Second Law:

Newton's Second Law of Motion states that the rate of change of momentum of an object is directly proportional to the net force applied to it. This law forms the basis of understanding impulse and its effects on the motion of objects.

Conservation of Momentum:

The principle of conservation of momentum states that the total momentum of an isolated system remains constant if no external forces act on it. This concept is essential in understanding interactions between objects in different scenarios.

Velocity and Its Significance:

Instantaneous Velocity vs. Average Velocity:

Instantaneous velocity refers to the velocity of an object at a specific moment, whereas average velocity is the total displacement of an object divided by the total time taken. Both concepts play significant roles in analyzing motion.

Factors Affecting Velocity:

Several factors, such as friction, air resistance, and external forces, can affect the velocity of an object. Understanding these factors is vital in predicting and controlling motion.

How to Find Impulse with Velocity?


Evaluate the Impulse if the mass of an object is 5kg and the change in velocity is 7 m/s.


Step 1: Extract the data

Mass = m = 5 kg

Velocity = v = 7 m/s

Impulse = I =?

Step 2: Calculation

The formula for calculating the Impulse with respect to mass and velocity is:

I = m * Δv

Putting the given values

I = 5 * 7

I = 35 kg m/s

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