Triangular Pyramid Surface Area Calculator

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Triangular Pyramid Surface Area Calculator

The surface area of a triangular pyramid calculator can be used to find the base length, volume, lateral surface area, etc. The formula for each property appears at the side.

What is a triangular pyramid?

A polyhedron having three triangular sides meeting at the apex on top and forming a triangular base at the bottom.


A triangular pyramid has 6 edges and 4 vertices. A triangular pyramid can be either regular (equilateral) or non-regular (isosceles).

Below are some properties of a pyramid. These can be calculated through the triangular pyramid calculator.

Surface Area - Definition

The surface area of a pyramid consists of the area of all the surfaces including the base.   

The formula to calculate surface area is:



  • L = base length 
  • w = base width 
  • h = pyramid height 

Lateral Surface Area

It is also a type of surface area measurement but it excludes the base of the pyramid. 

Its formula is:



  • L = base length 
  • w = base width 
  • h = pyramid height 



The total area occupied by a triangular pyramid in 3 dimensions (volume) is calculated by:

Volume = ( L x W x h )/ 3 

In this equation:

  • L stands for length
  • W stands for width
  • h stands for height


The distance from the center of the base to the apex is called the height of the pyramid. It is calculated by: 

 Height = 3v/lw 

  • V = volume
  • L = base length
  • w = base width

How to Calculate Surface Area of a Triangular Pyramid?


For the given set of information, calculate surface area.

Base length = 6 cm

Base width  = 7cm

Height = 5cm 


Step 1: Write the formula.


Step 2: Put the values in the formula.

S.A = 6 * 7 + 6 √((7/2)2+52)+ 7√((6/2)2+52)

S.A = 6 * 7 + 36.62 + 40.8

S.A = 78.62 +40.8

S.A = 119.44

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