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To find the reciprocal, choose the type of the number then enter the values in the reciprocal calculator.

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The reciprocal calculator is a math tool that finds the reciprocal of different types of numbers. It can find the reciprocal of:

To see the calculation process step-by-step, click “Show More after calculating the reciprocal.”

What is a reciprocal?

The reciprocal of a number is calculated by taking the same number under division to 1. Such as the reciprocal of number 13 is 1 over 13 (1/13).

How to find the reciprocal?

You can use the reciprocal fraction calculator or solve it by yourself. To learn how to find the reciprocal of different numbers, continue reading.

Reciprocal of decimal numbers:

It is easy to find the reciprocal of numbers and integers but when they have a decimal point, it is a little different. 


Find the reciprocal of 1.34.


Step 1: Make it a numerator by placing one in the fraction.


Step 2: Swap the numerator and denominator. 


Step 3: Convert the decimal to fraction.


Step 4: Solve.


You can solve it more to find the decimal point value. 

Reciprocal of fractions:

In the previous example, you can see how to find the reciprocal of a simple fraction. Just swap places of the values and that’s it. For mixed fractions, see the example ahead.


What is the reciprocal of195?


Step 1: Convert the mixed fraction to a simple fraction.


Step 2: Invert the fraction.


If you want then you can solve to get a decimal number value in step 3.

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