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Slope intercept form calculator is an online tool that is used to find slope intercept form (equation of line) using two points, y-intercept, or one point and slope.

What is slope intercept form?

Slope intercept is a form of linear equation that can be used to find the equation of a straight line with y intercept and slope of line.

Slope intercept formula

The slope intercept equation can be represented as:

y = mx + b


x, y represents the x and y coordinates,

m is slope of line, and

b is y intercept.

The equation of slope intercept varies in USA and UK. In UK, variable c is used to represent y-intercept.

 y = mx + c

How to find the slope intercept form (equation of a straight line)?

To find equation of a straight line with slope and y-intercept, follow the example below.


Find the Straight line equation if y-intercept is 6 and slope is 4.


Step 1: Identify the values.

b = 6

m = 4

Step 2: Write the slope form equation and place the values.

y = mx + b

y = 4x + 6

If you need to calculate the slope using two points, use slope calculator.


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