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Axis of Symmetry Calculator

Axis of symmetry calculator is an online tool used to evaluate the vertex form of the given function with the help of its formula. This symmetry calculator finds the axis of symmetry of a symmetrical shape (parabola, ellipse, or hyperbola). This calculator provides the result of vertex form with steps.

What is the Axis of Symmetry?

Axis of symmetry (a.k.a line of symmetry) is a line that divides a symmetrical shape into two congruent parts.  

axis of symmetry


Formula for a quadratic function f(x) = ax² + bx + c:

x = -b / 2a


Find the Axis of symmetry  for f(x) = x² + 4x −1


Step 1: Take the given function and find the values of a & b.

f(x) = x² + 4x −1

In the given quadratic function,

a = 1

b = 4

Step 2: Take the formula for the quadratic function and place the values of a & b.

x = -b / 2a

x = -4 / 2(1)

x = -4 / 2

x = -2

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