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Octal to hexadecimal converter

Octal to hexadecimal converter is used to convert the octal value to hexadecimal in just one click. It also has other options for the conversion:

What is the octal and hexadecimal system?

The octal number system is a number system with base 8. It has 8 digits from 0 to 7. The hexadecimal system is another number that consumes 16 digits. The digits are from 0 to 9 then A to F. These systems are commonly used in computer science.

How to convert octal to the hexadecimal system?

To convert octal to hexadecimal, we have to follow some steps,

  • Write the input value which is in octal form.
  • Now group the octal number from right to left with four digits. If the last pair is incomplete, we have to add zero on the left side until the four-digit is complete.

We have an example to explain this process.


Convert the octal value (645)8 into a hexadecimal number system.


Step 1: First we have to convert, Octal to binary

(645)8= (110100101)2

Step 2: Convert the binary to hexadecimal. make the group of four digits convert into a hexadecimal system.



0101= 5

(110100101)2= (1A5)16

Step 3: So the final answer octal to the hexadecimal system is

(645)8= (1A5)16

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