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Summation calculator with Sigma Notation (Σ)

Summation calculator is an online tool that calculates the sum of a given series. It can find the simple sum of numbers as well as Sigma notation sum of any function. This summation notation calculator also shows the calculation with steps.

What is summation?

Summation is the process of addition of a sequence of any type of numbers. Beside numbers, other types of values such as functions, matrices, and vectors can be summed as well.

Summation is denoted by Greek letter Sigma notation Σ.

Summation notation formula

The equation to find the sum of series is given below.

Summation formula


i is starting value, and

n is the upper limit.

How to evaluate summation?

To calculate summation notation, follow the example given below.


Evaluate summation for the function (x + 2)2 with an upper limit of 10 and starting value of 4.


Step 1: First of all, let’s identify the values.

x = 4, n = 10

Step 2: Place the given function in the summation equation.

summation calculation

Step 3: Substitute the series values in above equation.

sigma calculation

Step 4: Simplify the equation.

sigma notation

sum calculation

sum calc

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